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Factors you should consider when looking for a chapter:

1. Location is VERY important

  • Close to home will make those early morning meetings easy and convenient
  • Close to the office will allow plenty of time after the meeting to do some extra networking before the next appointment
  • Where are your clients located? We have members who travel great distances to their meeting to build clientele in a specific area

2. Small vs. Large Chapters - Both WORK! It is a personal choice. Number of members in a chapter vary between 15 and 50. Each chapter is unique and finding one that YOU feel comfortable with and is a good fit for your company can only be determined by you visiting the chapter.

  • Smaller chapters can be a great opportunity to build strong and close relationships with existing members
  • Smaller chapters give you the opportunity to bring along and introduce important professionals that you know, like, and trust into the chapter.
  • Larger chapters can provide a great opportunity for specialty businesses - it may take longer to build relationships with ALL the members within the chapter

3. BEFORE you visit a BNI Chapter we recommend you do the following:

  • Visit the Chapter website and verify that your professional classification is available (Only one person per professional classification is allowed to participate in a chapter)
  • You can click on VISIT THIS CHAPTER and Contact the President via phone to introduce yourself and let him/her know when you plan to visit.
  • Ask the President to help make introductions to members who would be in your Contact Sphere so that you can make the most of your visit.

4. At the meeting

  • Arrive on time.... or a bit early
  • Bring lots of business cards with you
  • Ask the President and Visitor Hosts to introduce you to others in the group who would be in your Contact Sphere.
  • Visitor Hosts are there to answer questions and provide a Visitor Orientation

5. Click here to search for a Chapter to visit.


Can't find a chapter with an opening for your professional classification?

  • We can put your name on a waiting list
  • We can help you start you own chapter

Need More Help? Click here and we will contact you!